Combine The Best

Combining the best of PR Smith’s highly rated SOSTAC® Planning Methodology with Mike Nevin’s acclaimed VST, this workshop includes cutting edge tools, techniques and tips to accelerate partner performance.

Grow Demand Gen 

This unique webinar helps partners to grow their demand gen by firstly, getting more from their marketing and secondly, differentiating themselves by developing value-added, innovative ISV platform solutions. 

Boost Alliances Partners’ Results 

SOSTAC® Integrated Sales and Marketing Plans boost channel partners sales results. These workshops/webinars inspire sales and marketing teams to work together, build great plans that actually boost results. 

SOSTAC® Integrated Sales and Marketing Plans for Alliances / Channel Partners

This simple, logical planning framework inspires teams to perform better via a crystal clear logical planning methodology tht everyone understands within minutes. In fact, SOSTAC® can be explained in 3 minutes (see the video) and mastered thereafter. Voted in the Top 3 Business Models in the world by the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Centenary Poll, hundreds of organisations from blue chips to start-ups now use the SOSTAC® Planning methodology to boost their results.    

It took PR Smith a decade to develop SOSTAC®.  He knew it was a winner when he first presented it to an IBM group in Brussels, the course leader started to get the delegates to chant SOSTAC®! 

Watch PR Smith explain the SOSTAC® methodology in 3 minutes.   

SOSTAC® Integrated Sales & Marketing Planning Workshop for Alliance Partners brings together the best practice from Mike Nevin’s Alliance Best Practise  and PR Smith SOSTAC® Planning methodology.

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 At the end of this workshop partners will be able to:

  • Develop their own growth strategy & unique Go-To-Market Plan* 
  • Build a systematic approach to best practice sales and marketing 
  • Generate more leads 
  • Differentiate their company by cross-selling value-added services 
  • Improve overall efficiency and effectiveness of their planning process 

ICE® is delighted to present the unique SOSTAC® Integrated Sales and Marketing Plans webinars delivered  by PR Smith and Nadio Granata. These highly interactive, live, dynamic sessions boost lead generation and collaboration with simple, crystal clear plans that get things moving. Delegates receive a Workbook, text book, links to additional videos and tutorials for those that want more after the event. 

Plus delegates can go on and  become a SOSTAC® Certified Planner  by taking the online course and assessment with its instant result and personalised certification.

 Webinar delegates receive a workbook, text book, links to additional relevant videos and tutorials plus the option of becoming SOSTAC® Certified Planners. 

“The workshop on SOSTAC® was the single best workshop or seminar I’ve ever attended” 

Kevin Browning, Senior Global Brand Manager, Linkedin.

 See What Others Say About SOSTAC®

World gurus and top marketing directors acknowledge SOSTAC ® as a very effective planning system – which you’ll very quickly be able to use again and again whether for business plans, marketing plans or even your own personal life plans. Global organizations like it as it provides a consistent template for all plans and can be rolled out, within hours, around the world.

“SOSTAC® is a system for going through the steps and building a marketing plan.” Professor Philip Kotler

“We use SOSTAC® within our own marketing planning.” John Leftwich, European Marketing Director, Microsoft

“The best strategic marketing development day of my career to date. Time with PR Smith and using his SOSTAC ® methodology are a must for all senior marketers.” Andrew Ward, Head of Marketing, St. James’s Place Wealth Management

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SOSTAC® saves time. Partners quickly understand it and like the simple, yet crystal clear logic. Of a SOSTAC® Integrated  Sales And Marketing Plan. 

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