Alliance Interim Management Services (AIMS)

Our Alliance Interim Management Service (AIMS) is a bespoke support package designed to enable ABP members to gain maximum value from your ABP Membership. The package includes access to:

  • Alliance Best Practice training courses
  • One-to-one strategic planning sessions:
    • SOSTAC Planning – high-impact positioning strategy
    • ABP Benchmarking – VST* audit to enable best ROI from partnership agreements
    • GC Index – build a winning team for competitive strategic advantage
  • First-mover access to White Papers and other research materials
  • Networking events for targeted lead generation


AIMS allows companies to:

  • Develop an alliance programme using the industry leading VST Methodology
  • Utilise experienced alliance management resource which they could not otherwise afford on a temporary basis to get started
  • Leverage the VST community to find partners
  • Assess the impact of the alliance programme before committing significant resource

 *VST = Vision Skills Trust

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